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Nando's Swindon

Jon Reid -

The French Group have once again welcomed the completion of a new restaurant for Nando’s in Swindon. This is a welcome addition to the chain and is part of the long standing association between The French Group and Nando’s.

The team at French’s were asked about their favourite features on this new site. The initial overwhelming feature they all liked was the building itself, it has an unusual shape with different corners and angles jutting out. The roof is at odd pitches giving an amazing effect from the outside; this angular unique feel is carried on inside the building and is incorporated into the design by STAC Architecture.

To complement the unique style of the building, the interior has been designed with space-age Pod Booth seating areas with beams of wood around and above the seating, continuing the angular effect of the building. Other booth seating areas to cater for more intimate parties are built in under the mezzanine to give the customers a secluded feel.

The walls surrounding the service counter are made from triangular shaped pieces of wood all painted in a burnt orange colour. This is a very large statement piece covering a big area and is one of the first impressions a customer will experience when they walk in.

Whilst working on the project the French team encountered challenges creating the joinery to go into the irregular spaces, however working along-side STAC Architects, this stunning space is now complete. The eclectic mix of finishes, timbers, fabric, metalwork and even bungee cords, is an astonishing design triumph.

The project has been a rewarding for French’s to work on and they are excited to be carrying on their long standing association with Nando’s.

Also, thanks need to go to Jon Reid, Nomadic Vision Photography, for the images of this sensational new site.

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