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Nando's Croydon Colonnades - ARCH.PHOTOS

The French Group successfully continue to provide only the best when fitting-out the new Nando’s at Croydon Colonnades. The dynamic and inviting space created by STAC Architecture has been faithfully translated by Frenchs’. The expertise is evident in the stunning new interior showcasing the best of design and workmanship.

The exterior view has a tiled collage on the frontage with the Nando’s Brand Icon – Barci, the red and black cockerel, recognised up and down the country. This was created with a series of green oak blocks in different colours all strapped to metal fixings helping to bring the famous logo to life.

The interior has been fitted out with a range of tiled and panelled features, helping to showcase the Nando’s original artwork on display. On the ceiling, the lighting appears as an airborne illuminated feature, emulating the flow of the seating below through the centre of the ceiling and is an unmissable element of the design.

Frenchs’ have an authentic approach which includes their ability to draw up and build all of the woodwork for a site at their in-house joinery. The precision workmanship and attention to detail is controlled from start to finish.

The French Group specialises in purpose built restaurants for companies. It is their belief that if the client has input into design, layout and finish they will be able to achieve full satisfaction on a day to day operational and administrative basis. As a consequence the group has developed an enviable reputation in the market place as being one of the best, specialising in individual and chain restaurants.

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